On 26th September the Y Combinator team left Mountain View and travelled to New York for a meetup that gave start-ups there the chance to ask questions and talk about ideas with YC partners and the founders of companies they have funded.

The Y Combinator team clearly saw some value in scouting for talent outside The Valley. Should the YC team come to London to find awesome start-ups? I (@mstafford) thought so and so did a lot of start-ups in London!

After seeing YCNYC I wanted to do something and try to make this happen.

In no way was it an 'official' YC event but after a couple of weeks of tweets and emails Harj Taggar, YC Partner, agreed to come to the HN London event on Thursday 29th September.

A capacity 500 people signed up for the event in less than a week. Click here to see videos from the night and below are a selection of of comments from the HN London website:

- "Killer stuff - especially the Q&A with Harj. Plenty of beer and pizza and great people - it's just a shame I had to leave early. Stoked for the next one!" Beau Martinez

- "Definitely the best I've been to you yet - great combination of speakers, and the energy in the place was electric." Jacob Aldridge

- "Harj speaking was pretty cool." David K

- "The most inspiring meetup yet. Great job guys, especially on scaling up so well since last time." Tim Iles

- "Harjeet was fantastic.People were fantastic. Seats were a bit hard. Only two toilets for 500 was not so good." Prashant Gandhi

- "Awesome event - three great startup insights and a great insight into YC from one of the Partners." James Murfin

- "I wasn't expecting to be fed, that was a great start. Interesting speakers, well run." Graham Ashton

- "Great demo's, Hackers with humour peppered with an inspiring talk from Harj at Y-C - what more could you ask for." Rita Usanga

- "Best tech event I've been to since moving to London last year." Haroon Khan

- "Great stuff, the talks and people were very interesting, thanks to the sponsors for pizza and beer! Couldn't have been any better!" Maciej Gryka

I've counted 331 tweets between the day before the event and 1st Oct with the #HNLondon hashtag and below is a selection of the best:

- "Just got kudos from the random kid on the train for having been to #hnlondon maybe nerds really are cool..." @MartinGSaunders

- "@harjeet - great talk last night at #hnlondon. Very inspiring, and very nice/refreshing to hear it told straight, humbly + honestly :)" @terseguy

- "Well deserved, u rock! >RT @mstafford :avg 4.94/5 rating for #hnLondon last night - http://j.mp/pMt4vW - thanks all! cc @dmitrigrabov" @Christinasdiary

- "#hnlondon was great. Fun and inspiring talks by @Harjeet @giniji and @kzhu. Kudos to @mstafford @dmitrigrabov for organising the event!" @deepakprab

- "So far, "29 ratings for an average of 4.93 out of 5". Somebody didn't give 5 stars?! #shocked #HNLondon http://bit.ly/nKMYK4" @tim_iles

- "Excellent meetup at #HNLondon last night - by far the most inspiring yet! Props to @dmitrigrabov et al. 233% more hackers; 1000% more beer…" @tim_iles

- "Tonight's #HNLondon was a cracker. Well done @dmitrigrabov, and esp @Harjeet, who travelled from Cali and delivered an eloquent, candid talk" @chrisbeach

- "#HNLondon was awesome. Particularly have to say what an eloquent and inspiring individual @Harjeet is." @jamiemill

- "thanks @mstafford @dmitrigrabov for organizing #hnlondon. had a great time, excited for ldn! thanks everyone who came, hope it was useful!" @Harjeet

- "No amount of coffee can give me the buzz i'm feeling after tonight's #HNLondon meet up. Coding till dawn baby!!" @AmarettoAndCode

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